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Commission des programmes

La commission des programmes du CIRJK a été créé sous l’impulsion du Prof. Lukas Vischer, figure théologique réformée de l’œcuménisme depuis les années soixante https://hls-dhs-dss.ch/fr/articles/010895/2013-07-31/.

La CP a pour objectif d’offrir un cadre propice au partage des idées, notamment dans le domaine de l’interreligieux, avec en toile de fond les questions contemporaines dans leur dimension spirituelle.

La CP est composée de membres en lien avec différentes institutions locales et internationales ; des académiques (UNIGE et autres), des personnes actives dans les ONG et des représentants des Eglises (EPG- EERV- COE- CMER).

Two Events of the John Knox Center, in cooperation with Partner Organisations

Will man still govern machine or machine will govern man? Hopes and fears in the relation between humans and machines dominate the current vital debates and power struggles. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most important current machine-driver and symbol of the 4th Industrial Revolution: Is AI a key driver to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG’s? Or are we already so dependent on non-transparent AI devices that we lose our freedom and security? How can spirituality and faith help to find a constructive and balanced way of using AI without making it a new God?

Each event is on a Thursday and lasts from 5pm to 9pm at John Knox Center (Flory Hall). It includes a keynote speech (30’), a panel discussion (60’), an networking apéro riche (45’), group work 45’) and plenary discussion (60’). If there is interest, a working group can be built for follow up. Each event is organized with a partner organisation from International Geneva. Contribution CHF 20-. The John Knox Center is well reachable with public transport (5’ walk from bus at WHO) and has parking space.

1) AI Humanism in Cooperation with Diplo Foundation, Geneva

Date: Thur 15 Sept 2022, 17-21h

How can technological progress with Artificial Intelligence serve the Common Good? What are the values, which should guide this development? How can decision-makers be equipped to develop the legal and governance structures?

Moderator: Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Christoph Stückelberger, Ethicist

Keynote: Dr Jovan Kurbalija, Director Diplo Foundation, Head of the Geneva Internet Platform and Initiator of the humAInism project.
Vision of an AI-assisted Future of Humanity

Panel: NN, Google Europe, Zürich (Private Sector)
Ezekiel Kwetchi Takam, Cameroon/Geneva, works on a PhD on African AI Ethics
Aurélie Jean, Dr. En science numérique, Paris, auteur “Les algorithmes font- ils la loi?”
Martin Chungong, General Secretary Inter-Parliamentary Union, Geneva

2) AI Spirituality in Cooperation with the Plateforme Interreligieuse Genève

Date: 22 Sept 2022, 17-21h

Transhumanists call for enlarging human capacities by technology. Humanists claim that technology should serve humans to become truly humans. Spirituality in all world religions seeks to find the deep sources for answers, embedding humans in the whole of creation.

Moderator: Ventz Sabev, PhD cand., Representative of the Platforme Interreligieuse Genève

Keynote: Eric Salobir, prêtre dominicain, Paris, author of « Dieu et la Silicon Valley »
How can spirituality help to handle AI and reconcile us with creation?

Panel: Maxim Egger, Specialist in Eco-spirituality (Christian), Staff of Bread for all, CH
NN, representing Buddhist spirituality
NN, representing Hindu spirituality
NN, representing Muslim spirituality
ev. Prof Dr Claire Clivaz, Assistant Professor of New Testament at the University
of Lausanne, Head Digital Humanities of the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics


15sep17:0021:00AI Humanism

22sep17:0021:00AI Spiritualityin Cooperation with the Plateforme Interreligieuse Genève